giovedì 20 settembre 2018

Almost time to say goodbye summer.

Festival Beat Salsomaggiore Terme, crazy dancing in action.

Lunch in Pariana, with Robo, good ole friend!

Ritrovino, Best spot to stay in Montercarlo. 

Monti Sibillini National Park.  

Campotosto Lake. Calm before the storm.

Who said we're not sport guys?

Campo Imperatore - Grn Sasso bound.

Fonte Vetica - Old Irons Party.

New Gas Station House - Jimbo's birthday party.

Ferragosto week. Top Level with Raffa and 'U Saraceno.

News: Disciple Cesar and TE.VA. Wolf (BtR)

Then Apulia calling...

Yesterday, the "welcome-back" at GSH.

See you on the road.
Thank you for stopping by.