mercoledì 4 novembre 2009


no. 1
MiniMustang Circles Series painted with apple candy red on 1/64", 1/128" flakes faded with a violet flake on the back.
Decoration is a typical 70's style wallpaper.
Pinstriping circles in 4 different color on this masterpiece of Kustom Art, direct from Rick's Time Machine Mind provide good vibes from decades back!!!

no. 2
This "Little Wings" MiniMustang painting is inspired from golden era of diggers where variegated goldleafing scrolls and pinstriping were a must on every respected Bay Area bike!
Basecolors are faded from navy blue to deep blue flakes gives you an extra dinamic effect!
Fly away with this incredible tank on your chopper!!!

no. 3
A wassel style tank painted with another fantastic 70's wallpaper and clothes style design. Different hues of trasparent and solid colors faded togheter gives different colors from every angle of view! Give your bike a sensationl touch with this original masterpiece!!!

all of these are low bottom, "frisco" style guaranteed


visibili presso 0571 garage di Empoli.

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Anonimo ha detto...


Ballbreakers ha detto...

Ciao grande come sono sti serbatoi!!!! a me mi piacciono di molto..
Gli avevo già visti sul sito dello 0571 e volevo passare dal garage a vederli di persona e fare i complimenti a Ricky ma non mai un cazzo di tempo...Grandeeee Ricky!!!!

Ballbreakers ha detto...

Già...dimenticavo...guarda un pò se Ricky, nella foto che hai postato, un sembra i mitico Bear nel film Un Mercoledì da Leoni???
Che stile!!!!

Vilmino ha detto...

Bear di brutto!

dal vivo son paurosi...