venerdì 9 maggio 2014

che classe!

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Loefstroem ha detto...

John E Franzén (b 1942) is one of the most renowned contemporary artists in Sweden. He studied at The University College of Arts and at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm in the 60’s, where he later taught painting as professor for seven years. He is a member of the Royal Academy of Free Art since 1989.

His paintings feature motorcycles, American cars, urban environments, landscapes and portraits, and are often made from photographic originals. His name is associated with striking and grand single works, because of their uncompromising nature and disregard for controversy. Some of Franzén’s paintings have instantaneously made art history, notably the portrait of the Swedish royal family, 1984–85, and The Truth about Texas Rose, 1963, a piece that embodies Swedish pop art.

Franzéns most known piece, Hell’s Angels of California, 1966–69, was made upon the return from a longer stay in Los Angeles. The work was immediately acquired for Moderna Museet’s collection by Pontus Hultén. Throughout his career Franzén has maintained his affinity with California and artists like Ed Ruscha and Andrew Wyeth.