lunedì 20 febbraio 2017

In memory of Matt.

Il cancro porta via l'ennesima vittima.
Matt Davis di Dice Magazine, dopo una lunga e riservata lotta contro la malattia, lascia la vita terrena ed un vuoto enorme nella scena custom, a cui ha dato un contributo importantissimo.

"We want to remember our good friend Matt Davis and we'd like to leave a positive mark and contribute towards the fight against cancer.

Matt was a tough guy, who fought cancer in any possible way. He kept his spirit up and even close to the end he still worked on his new chopper and dreamed of riding it close to his friends. We believe that life should be spent in its fullest and having a good time, riding and loving is our way of taking it. 
The big C has taken too many lives and together with many we love, this terrible plague has taken Matt away from us, his friends, his family, his loved ones and all Dice Magazine readers and supporters. We want to see the day where we will finally call cancer history.

In raising this money we bring our strongest and sincere support to Matt, his wife Tina, his daughter Rosie, his partner and best friend Dean and his family.

Feel free to donate anything you are comfortable with.

Let's raise our glasses to Matt and make a change. FOR THE GOOD TIMES!

Fuck cancer, let's ride!

Giulio Miglietta

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pic courtesy of LowRide Mag.

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