lunedì 17 gennaio 2011

Colorod Magazine #8 1975

Grande Ciste.... con questo link hai vinto.

dopo i manubri "heroin", ecco Overdose Mc... roba da chopperdipendenti!!!

e poi c'è anche Giovannona "coscialunga" sul digger famoso!

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Johan Urban ha detto...

Hi! Great blog!
Thanks for giving credit for my scans. I gladly share my scans, as long as people give credit:-)
I have your blog-adress in my sidebar, hope you will do the same and put my adress in your sidebar.

Johan Urban Bergquist

Ciste ha detto...

Ciao Vilmino
il blog di Johan ha un sacco di figate!

Vilmino ha detto...

hi Johan Urban,
welcome aboard, thanks for following.
you're in my sidebar as "blog of the month".
don't stop to post those choppers' scans.
thanks for sharing.

Johan Urban ha detto...

Thanks! Cool!
I´ll sure keep scanning and posting those swedish -70s choppers, at least as often as I get the time